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DEMO: Eva Web - UI Library

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Eva Web is a customizable UI Library for Sketch that makes it easy to create awesome designs for web applications, admin areas, and dashboards. With an ability to quickly adapt and integrate into your brand, Eva is an ideal design assistant.

This version of Eva was developed specifically for web applications and contains many ready-made components that significantly speed up the design process.

The main types of components included in Eva Web:

  • Buttons
  • Button: Elements
  • Form: Controls
  • Form: Fields
  • Form: Pickers
  • Sidebar & Menu
  • Headers & Tabs
  • Table
  • Tags, Tooltips, Popover, etc.

What's inside:

  • UI Library DEMO
  • 650+ Demo Components for a web application;
  • 480 Icons (Eva Icons);
  • Color & Typography Guidelines.


  • Added color variables;
  • Smart layout in symbols;
  • Well organized layer & typography styles;
  • Based on atomic design principles;
  • Easy customization for your brand;
  • The flexible building of new component designs.

Version available:

  • Sketch



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DEMO: Eva Web - UI Library

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