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Eva: Design System - Dark (Sketch)

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Eva Design System Dark - customizable Design System available for Sketch, with Mobile and Web implementations. The main strength of the Design System is the ability to adapt and integrate your brand making it ideal for any type of product.

Meet a new Eva version. What’s new in Eva Design System 1.3.0:

• A new Eva Sketch file has Sketch 61 under the hood with Smart layout support.

• We have restructured symbols. Now to find the necessary components is much easier than ever before.

• Eva Icons have been included in the Sketch file. There is no need to add over 480 UI Icons manually.

• You asked – we added! Meet a new Card component, states for toggle, radio buttons and checkbox components!

• All the above are available in both Light and Dark themes.

Also, you can find into Eva Design System:

• 750+ Symbols, 300+ Text and 250+ Layer Styles;

• Supported by Angular and React Native UI component libraries;

• Unique Color System powered by AI generator;

• Light Mode ( Download );

Dark Mode advantages:

• Improved Readability of Text

• Better Contrast

• Reduced Eye Fatigue

• Less Blue Light

All components are built using basic elements with shared styles, connected by a single visual language. Eva provides a straightforward way to customize it for your product preserving consistency between all components.

Unique Color System powered by AI generator simplifies pallets creating making it fun to choose a stunning color scheme for your next product.

Eva comes as a unified ecosystem of tools and products, from Sketch file and implementations for React Native and Angular to Drag & Drop interface builder.

Free updates for a year.

Eva is implemented with:

UI Kitten - React Native component library

Nebular - Angular component library

This product is not currently for sale.


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Eva: Design System - Dark (Sketch)

4 ratings